Skate sharpening

The new, revolutionary FBV™ (Flat Bottom V) skate sharpening system from Blackstone® provide benefits, which you have been unable to imagine until now. Extraordinary durability. More power and agility. Better stability. Our historically most famous player, Jaromír Jágr, also uses this system and has his skates sharpened to 85\75. These are just some of the skating improvements, which amateur and professional hockey players associated with this new type of skate sharpening.

Heat shaping skates

At our shop we are capable of shaping your skates to your wishes and requirements so that they copy your foot accurately.


Straightening runners using a micrometer

It is very important for your skates (runners) to be absolutely straight in order to sharpen them correctly, which is why we offer skate (runner) straightening and inspection using a micrometer.

Skate assembly and disassembly

We offer standard services such as assembly and disassembly of skates and securing skates using copper rivets.